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Since the Ridge Machine & Welding Co. was founded in 1950 in the garage of William Artman, its focus has been on the customer. Our superior level of service and knack for incorporating the latest techniques into our service resulted in a flourishing business that eventually outgrew that garage and 2 subsequent buildings.


Feel secure in the fact that our experience has given us the knowledge to build almost any product.

Be treated like one of the family

Since Ridge Machine & Welding Co. is family owned and operated, we understand what it means to give our customers our full attention and effort. Get the service you need and deserve by calling or stopping by today.

Benefit from expertise and skill acquired and refined over more than 60 years in the machining business.

Have the machinery you need built affordably.



Don't settle for any less than the best when you need machinery fabricated or welded. You will receive friendly, efficient service and your final product will be of the highest quality.

Stop by 1015 Railroad Street today
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